Vehicle Safety Systems for Highway Vehicles

Dumpers of all sizes are specifically engineered for use in high-production mining and heavy-duty construction environments. Dumpers are also used for transporting materials and construction equipment from the job site to the job site. Mobile plant machinery’s sheer size limits the operator’s visibility, For example, some dump trucks cannot see 1.8m high twenty meters in front.  This lack of visibility increases the risk of an incident and can pose a real danger to safety.

Ensuring a safe environment for this industry and its workers is challenging.  Vision Techniques safety products improve visibility and provide protection, helping you meet all your health and safety regulations – whether you are on-site or in the public domain.  Our products are designed to eliminate blind spots, reduce human error and prevent accidents and costly vehicle damage or downtime associated with accidents.


Vehicle Safety Systems for Highway Vehicles
Visual Driver Aid
Vulnerable Road User Safety
High Definition Visuals
Anti-Collision Radar
Mobile CCTV

Highway vehicle cameras, monitors, reversing radars, braking systems and digital recording devices

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