VT Solar

Harnessing the power of the sun to reduce fuel costs and Lower Carbon Emissions

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Innovate your waste management fleet with VT SOLAR and its industry-leading solar solutions.

VT SOLAR is used to power all on-board ancillary equipment, allowing for a reduced requirement from the vehicles alternator.

Using CIGS (Copper, Indium, Gallium Selenide) panels installed to the roof of the vehicle, VT Solar is able to harness energy from the sun which is then regulated and dispersed using Smart Charge Controllers & Battery Monitors to minimise reliance on the vehicle’s alternator, significantly reducing idling time and improving & prolonging battery health & lifespan.

A powerful step towards a greener future, VT Solar cuts fuel usage, reduces CO2 emmissions & prolongs battery life – saving the end-user money.


Web based Telematics Platform
Powerful Solar Conversion
Shatterproof and durable
EV Applicable
Transport Sustainability Tool
Up to 1,100L Annual Fuel Saving
Up to 2,900KG Annual CO2 Saving
Telematics Platform +GPS
Significantly Reduced Maintenance

Our Aim

To provide an innovative solution to your fleet that provides continuous CO2 emissions reductions and additional fuel savings.

VT Solar Harnessing the power of the sun with the latest in solar technology creates a cleaner/greener fleet, giving unrivalled co2 savings combined with additional fuel savings.

Savings dependant on vehicle size, vehicle type, operational use and panels installed.  To obtain a more precise estimate of installation costs, please get in touch with us for a detailed discussion.

Utilising IoT Cloud technology, we offer customers a web-based telematics platform which provides greater visibility across their fleet.

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