Vehicle Cameras

We supply a wide range of quality vehicle cameras here at Vision Techniques, including an array of specialist collision avoidance systems tailored to specific vehicles and industries. Whatever the nature of your operations, and whatever sector you work in, you can trust us to have the perfect solution for you.

Our VT Alpha range comprises some of our most versatile collision avoidance cameras, suitable for HGVs and large vehicles working in every industry. VT Alpha cameras are completely modular, so they can be seamlessly integrated into your existing safety systems, especially as the ideal complement for further safety systems such as VT Monitors and CCTV recording devices like VT RECORD.

Our specialist cameras are made to an equally exacting standard, designed to provide reliable durability and flawless performance in even the most intensive environments. They also provide enhanced utility through additional features like automatic wiper blades and infrared vision. All this makes them invaluable solutions for closing any blindspots on your vehicles, helping you to prove a Safe System in accordance with the Direct Vision Standard.

If you have a special requirement or application in mind, our team are always happy to advise. Get in touch or give us a call on 01254 679 717.

Alpha Camera Range


Our best selling range of cameras suitable for most vehicle types and applications

specialist camera range


A comprehensive range of cameras for all types of vehicles and specialist applications

360 overview


Make manoeuvring safe with a 360° view from our camera and monitor system

360° view camera

VT Overview

A new innovation from Vision Techniques with 3D 360° view and detection

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