Ensuring Compliance and Safety for Mixamate with Vision Techniques Ltd

Mixamate, the leading provider of mix on site concrete and screed in the UK, operates extensively throughout London and the South East, as well as in selected branches across the country.

With a commitment to efficiency and reliability, Mixamate serves a wide range of construction projects, requiring a robust fleet to meet their demands.

With the implementation of the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) Phase 2 looming, Mixamate was faced with the challenge of ensuring their fleet complied with the new safety regulations. Transport for London mandates that vehicles operating in Greater London must meet specific safety standards to mitigate risks for Vulnerable Road Users (VRUs), particularly concerning blind spots and moving off.

To address this challenge, Mixamate partnered with Vision Techniques Ltd who equipped Mixamate’s fleet with the latest Direct Vision Standard Progressive Safe System (DVS PSS). This kit includes sophisticated AI Camera Technology designed to detect and warn drivers of VRUs, both at the nearside of the vehicle and at the front, fulfilling the requirements for Blind Spot & Moving Off Information System (BSIS & MOIS).

Vision Techniques’ team of knowledgeable and trained installation engineers meticulously installed and commissioned the DVS PSS across Mixamate’s fleet. Upon completion, Vision Techniques provided Mixamate with the official documentation, essential for supporting evidence when applying for new permits.

As of October 28th, 2024, existing vehicle permits for Greater London are no longer valid, and new permits are only issued to compliant vehicles. With an estimated 180,000 vehicles requiring Progressive Safe Systems to meet the regulations, it is imperative for operators to initiate a transition process promptly. Vision Techniques remains committed to supporting clients like Mixamate through this transition, offering ongoing sales, support, and maintenance services to ensure continued compliance and safety.

Through the installation of the DVS PSS, Mixamate not only ensured compliance with regulations but also demonstrated a commitment to safety and innovation in their operations. With Vision Techniques’ expertise and support, Mixamate is well-positioned to continue delivering excellence in the construction industry while prioritising the safety of all road users.

“As the Transport Manager for Mixamate, ensuring our fleet’s compliance with the Direct Vision Standard (DVS) within Greater London is paramount. That’s why we turned to Vision Techniques Ltd for their expertise in updating our vehicles with the latest Progressive Safe Systems. Their innovations not only enhance our fleet’s safety but also provide peace of mind knowing we meet regulatory requirements. Beyond their innovative solutions, Vision Techniques consistently delivers excellent customer service, making them our trusted partner in enhancing fleet safety.” – Mark Teasdale, Transport Manager, Mixamate.

Dave Smith, Managing Director at Vision Techniques, expressed, “Our partnership with Mixamate is a source of pride for us. We are committed to supporting Mark and his team by equipping them with the most advanced safety features and assisting them in attaining DVS certification. The feedback we’ve received on our DVS PSS system has been remarkable, reaffirming its outstanding performance compared to others in the market.”

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