With 450 members of staff providing waste, recycling, street cleansing and grounds maintenance services to a population of 300,000 people.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council has a wealth of responsibility.

One of their main priorities is to manage and maintain safety procedures across the fleet of 70 refuse collection vehicles.

Operations managers in the waste management industry are aware that incidents with refuse vehicles are a growing problem.

East Riding of Yorkshire Council Group Manager Paul Tripp is dedicated to providing his employees with a safe working environment.

Paul’s investment into training and development and his willingness to embrace new technologies led him to discussions with Vision Technique technical team.

Having seen our VT RECORD3 system, Paul was interested in using a recording system to increase safety awareness across his fleet.

VT RECORD3 is mobile DVR made simple. It uses plug and play with a 1TB hard drive, our VT RECORD3 option supports remote accessibility, allowing you to view live footage from the comfort of your office.

The high definition footage and audio allows the council to view incidents for review and use the footage for training and development purposes.

Not only does it do all the things a recorder should, this clever piece of kit has tracking capabilities with over 70 reports including alerts, speed information and park idling allowing Paul to identify where efficiencies can be made.

Paul commented “We recently had a serious road traffic accident in Bridlington where an individual was involved in a collision with a refuse vehicle. The incident took place at seven in the morning, three hours later a police officer were able to watch the accident again in my office using the VT RECORD3 system. This information allowed the police to deal with the incident instantly, proving my driver wasn’t liable and no further questioning was needed; all thanks to our video evidence.”

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