Enhancing Safety Measures in Road Sweeper Operations through Collaboration between Vision Techniques and Caledonian Group

Caledonian Group is a leading road sweeper hire company operating across Central Scotland, renowned for its reliable and efficient sweeper services.

Safety is paramount at Caledonian, with a strong commitment to ensuring the well-being of both employees and pedestrians. To reinforce their safety protocols, Drew and his team at Caledonian have incorporated advanced safety products into their fleet, including the VT Record 5 system with VT Night Sight cameras, further enhancing visibility, even in low-light conditions.

Despite stringent safety measures, the operational environment of road sweepers poses inherent risks, especially concerning the interaction between vehicles and pedestrians. Caledonian recognised the need for enhanced safety solutions to mitigate these risks further.

To address this challenge, Caledonian Group collaborated with Vision Techniques, a pioneering provider of vehicle safety solutions. Leveraging Vision Techniques’ expertise in innovative safety technology, the collaboration aimed to enhance Caledonian’s existing safety infrastructure.

Building upon Caledonian’s existing safety measures, Vision Techniques installed the VT SafeZone system to augment pedestrian safety around vehicles and heavy equipment. The VT SafeZone system employs a clear light barrier to establish secure zones around the perimeter of the vehicle, effectively alerting pedestrians to potential danger zones in real-time.

The VT SafeZone augments pedestrian safety by creating a light barrier around the vehicle, alerting pedestrians to potential danger zones.

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The collaboration between Vision Techniques and Caledonian Group shows a proactive approach to safety management in road sweeper operations. By integrating Vision Techniques cutting-edge safety solutions Caledonian Group has not only reinforced its commitment to safety but has also set a new standard for excellence in the industry.

“As the Director of Calendonian Group, our foremost priority is mitigating risk and fostering a safe workplace for our employees and the public. We spare no effort in ensuring our vehicles are equipped with top-notch safety products. Vision Techniques has been instrumental in supporting our commitment to maintaining a highly secure fleet. Their high-quality safety solutions align perfectly with our mission, and we trust them, along with their great Engineer, Mike, to help us achieve our safety objectives” – Drew Matthews, Director of Calendonian Group.

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