VT TurnAware with smart camera

Detect vulnerable road users with video analytics

VT TURNAWARE is a blind spot camera system that uses sophisticated video analytics software to detect anyone moving towards the vehicle and will warn the driver of their approach.  Compliant with FORS.    


Trying to prevent accidents during left turn manoeuvers with vulnerable road users requires an effective way of detecting an approaching hazard.

Developed specifically for when drivers need to make a left turn manoeuvre, this blind spot camera system uses advanced video analytics software to detect cyclists, motorcyclists and pedestrians moving alongside the vehicle and will warn the driver of their approach.

VT TURNAWARE gives the driver the ability to see and be warned of any approaching danger and improves on current detection systems by visualising any hazard through the monitor helping to judge any situation.

The VT TURNAWARE system can integrate with VT RECORD system so that detected objects trigger a tagged recording for later review and analysis.

How it works

Using video analytics detection software VT TURNAWARE analyses the camera’s image to determine and senses whether a hazard is approaching the vehicle, recognising and ignoring any stationary objects or street furniture.  The driver is then warned with an audible alarm and any movement is highlighted on the screen within the side detection area in a highlighted border.  VTTURNAWARE provides full coverage along the full length of the vehicle, unlike ultransonic sensors.

Depending on the type of vehicle or its driving conditions the detection zones can be customised to suit, we offer the option of adding an additional forward-facing camera to analyse the front of the vehicle and warn the driver of any pedestrians crossing in front of the vehicle when stationary.  When the vehicle is in motion, speed sensors are used making those irritating false alarms a thing of the past.

The mounting position of the VT TURNAWARE camera makes them extremely low maintenance and easy to maintain as they are not in direct contact with dirt and mud.


Features and Benefits

  • Reduce collisions with vulnerable road users
  • Warns drivers of hazards
  • Customisable detection zones
  • Reduces blind spots
  • Definable detection below certain speeds to reduce false alarms
  • Can be fitted to any vehicle
  • Suitable for retrofitting
  • Can be integrated with VT products
  • Compliant with FORS
  • Advanced option for Direct Vision Standard



“It’s a great system. It’s peace of mind for our drivers.”

P.J. Leonard

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