VT TurnAlarm

Make other road users more aware with an audio and visual warning alarm

VT TURNALARM prevents accidents in difficult driving conditions by specifically warning other road users of the vehicle's intentions when they are conducting a turning manoeuvre.



Due to the large blind spots on commercial vehicles, it can be difficult for a driver to have visibility around their vehicle and incidents most commonly occur during turning manoeuvres.  With a high percentage of left-turning accidents, improving the visibility of your vehicle when making difficult manoeuvres we can reduce the chance of accidents on busy roads.

Our VT TURNALARM prevent accidents in busy driving conditions by specifically warning road users of the vehicle’s intentions when they are conducting a turning manoeuvre.

It is the only system in the UK to alert users to two blind spot areas from one device.

See how XPO has installed VT TURNALARM to gain their FORS Silver accreditation – Case Study

How it works

The VT TURNALARM system is a visual and audible alarm warning system. Inactive during normal driving, the system activates when indicating left.

During a vehicle low-speed manoeuvre, the high-intensity LED’s will flash whilst the system will beep and audibly state “Caution this vehicle is turning left” to gain the attention of vulnerable road users.

By mounting the alarm on the vehicle in the eye line of other road users and providing both audible and visual warnings, you can make vulnerable road users more aware of the intentions of the vehicle even if they are wearing headphones.  To minimise any disturbance in built-up urban areas during unsociable hours VT TURNALARM will reduce the volume of the audible warnings.

Features and Benefits

  • Get other road users attention with audible and visual warnings
  • Prevent turning accidents
  • The only system to alert users of two blindspots from one unit
  • Be more visible on the road
  • Unique design to VT
  • IP69K
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Include reduced volume for use during unsociable hours
  • Can be fitted to a wide range of vehicles
  • Suitable for FORS and CLOCS accreditation
  • Perfect for Direct Vision 2020

Something that is audible and visually flashing can’t be missed.”

Jennifer Moss, XPO Logistics

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