VT Connect - Fleet Tracking

VT Connect is a rich fleet tracking web application with an intuitive interface.

VT Connect is our web-based fleet tracking and live camera system providing clear visibility and control over your fleet.   Our telematics platform innovative and easy to use to through its latest capabilities and integrations that will ensure your fleet tracking management is seamless and efficient.

Why VT Connect?

If you’re the manager of a fleet of vehicles, your work is likely stressful and you’ll often feel like you’ve got no free time. Telematics is one of the truly time-saving tech innovations in the recent past and has been proven to be a great time saver.

Wasting too much time working out how many miles have been driven by each driver for compliance statements? Our VT Connect can automate that.

One of the biggest expenses of any fleet is fuel, by combining GPS data with data from the pedals and vehicles CAN network, telematics devices can tell if the vehicle is being driven efficiently. VT Connect can help by monitoring the driving performance of each driver giving you tangible reports for you to identify additional training requirements or introduce driver best practices.

There are lots of other benefits. Rather than manually checking the mileage monitors in each vehicle to see which require to go in for regular servicing, you can simply check with the telematics dashboard.

No one likes being stuck in traffic, and telematics can be used to alert drivers to bad traffic ahead. While GPS devices already do this, telematics gives an advantage to fleet drivers by sharing real-time information to make informed decisions quickly.

How it works

VT Connect uses google maps, Multi-Map, OSM, ARCGIS, or you have the option to incorporate your own. Allowing you to review data from point to point rather than having to analyse lots of journey data.  This information gives you real-time data updating every 30 seconds, something our competitors can not offer.

The system can be integrated with our VT Cameras and VT Record giving you real-time access to your vehicle’s journey. Unlike other systems where you have to convert the footage via different software, VT Connect makes it easy and automatically converts to an MP4.

What makes VT Connect the most comprehensive platform on the market

  • You can view and track selected vehicles or groups of vehicles in their own window
  • Receive information on fuel consumption and traffic information
  • Set maintenance and service reminders to reduce cost and downtime.
  • Customise your reports with tailored screen presentations and filter access to feature department or division with simple to create data fields.
  • You can also set and monitor your KPI’s and visually display them to improve business performance.

Do you have other VT safety products fitted to your vehicles?  VT Connect can incorporate these too, if there are any activations from your kit you will be sent an instant alert, keeping you in touch with the activities of your vehicle.  We have tried to think of everything and we have added a VWS integration so you can keep an eye on how much load your vehicles are carrying.

In terms of installation, a small unobtrusive box is fitted to the vehicle.  To get you up and running, we will set you up with comprehensive training and full technical support.

Features and Benefits

  • Fleet Status – Positions, History, Distance analysis of driver working time
  • Vehicle Status – Current speed and mileage, fuel, tachograph data, engine parameters, fuel consumption, GPS activity
  • Reports – Route, fuel, daily distance, stops, ignition zones, fleet cross-sectional reports
  • Maps – Real-time traffic information, roadmap, satellite, hybrid, speed limits, to assist advanced route planning
  • Realtime – Recieve information updated every 30 seconds
  • Driver Behaviour – Monitor driver hours and more to establish if additional driver training is required
  • Customised – Fully customise your platform to suit your needs

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