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Take control of your fleet using RFID Technology

VT IDENT is a security system that provides independent control of the vehicle.  It uses programmable tags or keypad to authorise access to the vehicle's ignition and controls via RFID -radio frequency identification. Want to see IDENT in action? Watch our video

Why VT Ident?

Fleet operators go to great lengths to train their staff on how to use their vehicles safely, but in reality, dangerous equipment can be unguarded and unprotected.  Vehicles can be open to theft or usage by unauthorised members of the public or untrained operatives.  Ident is designed to ‘lock-down’ this equipment to people that have been trained to use it, and no-one else.

VT IDENT can prevent theft or injury caused by the untrained and unauthorised use of dangerous on-board equipment and prevent unauthorised people from driving the vehicle, significantly reducing the risk of accidents.

RFID technology can also offer multiple levels of identification for your users.  It can also be tailored to your needs, your vehicles, and your industry.

See how Kier have installed Ident across their fleet to eliminate the risk of an incident – Case Study

How it works

Control readers placed in and around the vehicle are programmed to respond to authorisation tags’ worn by the operative – unique to their position.

When presented by the user, the VT IDENT system will allow access to the vehicle or machinery if you have the correct level of authorisation.

RFID technology offers multiple levels of identification for your users, giving you the ability to offer or restrict access to the different members of your team. Should an unauthorised person attempt to move the vehicle VT IDENT will apply the brakes restricting the vehicle from moving and then a warning alarm will sound alert people.

Once the vehicle is shut down even without a driver in the cab the vehicle’s ignition can be controlled from the rear, saving time and increasing the efficiency of your daily operations.


Unlike competitor systems that use Active RFID – this is where the tag reader searches for tags within a wireless zone and allows access when users approach.

We use Passive RFID which means the crew can’t leave their tags within range of the reader – for example down the side of their seats or on the dashboard.

Tag users MUST present their tags to regain access to the controls.

Ident is offered in 2 variants

VT IDENT – Gives you control of the ignition, brakes and machinery

VT IDENT DRIVESTOP  – Controls the brakes and ignition only.  Let us know your application and we can advise the specification to suit.

Features and Benefits

  • Complete controlled access
  • Prevent accidents
  • Adjustable shutdown
  • Improves operational efficiency
  • Fuel savings as a vehicle engine is not constantly running
  • Stop theft
  • Passive RFID technology – Operator must present his tag
  • All tags are a passive design they do not contain batteries, therefore, do not have a limited lifespan
  • Tailored to your requirements
  • Up to 60 month warranty available

Our ultimate goal is public and staff safety and Ident does what it is supposed to do, the benefit definitely outweigh any costs

Darren Judd Kier Evironmental

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