Vehicle CCTV DVR Recording Systems

Mobile DVR made simple and affordable

Our range of CCTV DVR recording systems helps prevent false claims against you and provide footage to deter theft, vandalism and help train staff. We offer multiple mobile digital recorders which offer impressive features such as GPS integration, geo-tagging, event tagging, live streaming and the ability to upgrade any system to offer 4, 6 or 8 camera streams.  


This CCTV DVR recording system covers every angle of your vehicle can be recorded.

It uses plug and play functionality with a 1TB hard drive (with the option of upgrading to 2TB).  All footage is encrypted within its tamperproof case and can only be accessed by approved personnel  (making you GDPR compliant) On a standard frame rate you can expect up to 8 weeks recording, however, video resolution can be adjusted to reduce file size, therefore lengthening your vehicle recording time.  Our DVRs will collate vehicle data even when the vehicle has stopped, just let us know how long you need it to be.

We offer an SD version where space is an issue with its 4 channel capabilities or alternatively our hard drive version has 4 or 8 channel capabilities.

Not only does it do all the things a recorder should, with GPS, location, time, date and basic tracking features, all our VT RECORD range includes a G-sensor, this clever device flags up any shock data such as harsh braking or hard cornering, giving a clearer picture of driver habits and behaviour.

We can also integrate the DVR into the existing vehicle equipment and depending on whether you select the HDD or SD version we can set up to 8 triggers linked to indicators, reverse gear… you decide and don’t forget if you have any existing Vision Techniques safety products fitted to your vehicle we can integrate those too,  flagging any activations.


  • Up to 2TB
  • Capable of recording in HD or standard definition
  • Tamperproof
  • Plug and Play design
  • Safeguard your asset and employees
  • Video resolution can be tailored to requirements
  • Improves driver behaviour
  • Improves operational efficiencies
  • Audio recording optional
  • SD version small and compact suitable for FLT
  • System status indicators
  • Collates vehicle data after ignition is off
  • Encrypted data for added security and GDPR compliance
  • Up to 60-month warranty available

VT Record3

VT RECORD 3 provides live streaming with a 1TB hard drive (with the option of upgrading to 2TB) and operates using priority sim cards used by the military and emergency services.  This premium M2M (machine to machine) cards are specifically designed for this type of application and ensure you are not in breach of any fair usage policy.  The RECORD 3 unit is completely tamperproof and all footage is encrypted only accessible by approved personnel (making you GDPR compliant).  Recordings can be adjusted by quality and frame rate to achieve the desired results.  If space is an issue the SD version is available with its 4 channel capabilities or our you can choose our hard drive version with 4 or 8 channel inputs.

You can expect up to 8 weeks recording with a standard frame rate, however, this can be adjusted to reduce the file size and increase recording duration. Not only does it do all the things a recorder should, all our VT RECORD range includes a G-sensor. This clever device flags up any shock data and detects significant or sudden movement.  It gives you a clearer picture of the driver’s behaviour. For example, harsh braking or cornering is recorded.

We can link up to between 4 or 8 triggers (depending on whether you choose and SD or HDD version) to indicators, reverse gear, you decide!    RECORD3 tracking capabilities include over 70 vehicle reports including alarm, speeding, and park idling reports for fleet efficiency. It can be set up to send fault alerts via email.  For example, if there is a camera fault or if integrated with our other products it will notify you of any other activations.  This bespoke proactive platform is unique as it is the only system on the market to integrate other safety equipment to bring all data in one place, so no need to review different types of software.

We offer an option for Wi-Fi or to have a two-way communication voice over IP to keep you in touch with your drivers.

  • Live real-time data saves vehicle downtime
  • A unique platform for integration of  all safety systems
  • Priority SIMS
  • Over 70 tracking  reports
  • 2-way communication option
  • Simple to use
  • Enhanced GPS antenna
  • 1TB Harddrive can be upgraded to 2TB
  • Plug and Play
  • Safeguard your asset and employees
  • Android/IOS mobile viewing applications available
  • G-sensor
  • Video resolution can be adjusted
  • Improves driver behaviour
  • 12-month warranty


The evolution of the dashcam has played a vital role in providing a valuable and reliable virtual driving companion. However, they do have their limitations, most basic dash cams are fixed or bonded to the windscreen with a simple forward-facing camera and as they are in constant view they can be susceptible to theft. Other more advanced systems allow additional cameras to be fitted however the quality of the footage can be an issue.

Some older models of dash cams can just suddenly stop recording because the storage is full which automatically overwrites the oldest footage as it runs out of storage meaning you may lose vital data.

VT RECORD 4 has been developed as the next generation in compact recording devices. Unlike a conventional dashcam VT RECORD 4 supports 2 high-quality cameras providing you with clear high-quality views from around the vehicle or internal cameras in the cab rather than one fixed view forward.

Due to the size of VT RECORD 4 size this incredibly compact recorder can be fitted anywhere where space is at a premium with the added feature of being installed out of sight for added security.   Footage captured from VT RECORD 4 can be viewed live via 4G or you can remove the SD card and download the footage retrospectively and with its 256GB data storage, there is little risk of footage being overwritten.

This mobile DVR comes with entry-level data reports via its GPS and G-SENSOR, however, when linked to our VT FMS telematics platform you will receive comprehensive reports on the vehicle’s journey, including driver behaviour, customised journey reports and maintenance and service reminders