Emergency Braking System

Prevent out of control vehicles

VT STOPSAFE allows the crew to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop in an emergency situation should the driver become ill or incapacitated and stops the vehicle becoming out of control.


Life can be unpredictable, things can change in the blink of an eye, it’s not worth imagining what would happen if you were suddenly taken ill whilst driving a large vehicle.¬† Our new innovation VT STOPSAFE allows the crew to bring a vehicle to a controlled stop if for any reason the driver is suddenly taken ill or becomes incapacitated and loses control of the vehicle.

We are the only company to offer this type of innovation to help safeguard and protect your crew, the vehicle, the environment in which it is operating in, other road users and the general public from the devasting effects that can result from an out of control vehicle.

We have worked tirelessly to launch this product to the market and proud to announce that VT STOPSAFE has been awarded approval by the VCA and nominated for “The most innovative product award” from the FTA’s 2019.

See why West Dunbartonshire Council have fitted VT STOPSAFE across the whole of the fleet – Case Study

How it works

In the event of an emergency and the driver loses their ability to control the vehicle, the systems lever can be activated by the crew to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop.  The lever needs to be constantly applied for the system to work, so there is no risk of accidental use.

Once the system is activated it uses pulsed/cadence braking to the solenoid valve and limits the revs from the accelerator pedal to bring the vehicle to a controlled stop within a matter of seconds with no swerving or lock up

the audible warning activated secondary brake lights warning pedestrians of the approaching hazard. Once the system is activated and the vehicle has been brought to a complete stop, the park brake is locked into a closed position and restricts any forward movement to prevent any potential harm.


Features and Benefits

  • Prevents out of control vehicle accidents
  • Allows the crew to react quickly in an emergency situation
  • A simple to use system
  • Activations can be logged via our recorders
  • Full training available
  • Can be retrofitted
  • System design to prevent accidental trigger
  • Approved by the VCA
  • Unique to Vision Techniques
  • Up to 60-month warranty available


“I would hope that all councils will seriously consider installing this potentially¬† life-saving piece of equipment”

Rodney Thornton - Fleet Services Manager - West Dumbartonshire Council

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