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Wiring reversing cameras

News Story

Wiring reversing cameras

There are several ways to wire systems with reversing cameras onto a vehicle.

It is best to attached the red AV socket to trigger the monitor to come out when the camera is powered.

One method is to use the wires on the reversing cameras for the cigarette lighter plug. This way you can simply plug it into the lighter socket whenever you need to use it.

A second method is plug the positive wire to a positive connection, which comes with the vehicle electronics – with the negative of the camera attaching to the vehicle body. Use a switch and fuse in the circuit to give you control over the camera and monitor.

Not only will the fuse protect your camera but the vehicle battery as well. The switch will operate the monitor and reversing cameras.

The third method involves attaching the positive wire to the positive wire in the reversing light – and the negative reversing camera wire connecting to the vehicle body.

This is possible using one of the power plugs with a bare wire at the end (both the splitter cable and 5m power cable are unnecessary).

The monitor, in this case, is connected to either the cigarette socket or the supply that comes from the ignition. When you reverse the monitor will automatically turn on.

In the final method, the relay is linked to the reversing light – proving power to the reversing cameras and monitor. However, this is best left to experts.


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