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VT MotionEye: Intelligent Vehicle Reversing Camera With Object Detection System

Revolutionary video analytics detection system

VT Motion Eye is the next generation of reversing cameras. Providing a wide-angled image when maneuvering, Motion Eye also locates moving obstacles. highlights danger and warns the driver.

  • Detect any dangers with analytics
  • Cover blind spots with 180° view
  • Upgrade existing cameras

VT MotionEye uses video analytic detection to locate moving obstacles within its ultra wide angle 180° field of view, alarming the driver of any visible danger.

Our MotionEye system is an evolution of our reversing camera systems, offering obstacle detection as an integrated feature of the camera unit.

The system uses three colour co-ordinated danger zones to locate any dangers seen through the camera. If an object is detected approaching the red danger zone, they are tagged by the MotionEye system, and the driver is audibly warned of their presence.

The MotionEye system has been designed to integrate with any existing reversing camera to upgrade existing models with video analytics technology.

The MotionEye system has a 180° wide angle view which highlights objects on the periferal of the camera using box-in-box technology as a pre-warning to the driver.

Our analytics system provides a new level of detection and hazard awareness, giving your drivers the ability to locate and prevent dangers before it's too late.

“The evolution of reversing cameras- MotionEye detects moving obstacles and instantly warns the driver"