Articulated Vehicles - HGV Safety Systems

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Articulated vehicle cameras, monitors, reversing radars, braking systems, digital recording devices and cyclist safety systems

We supply a wide range of HGV camera systems, reversing radars, vehicle CCTV and other specialist safety technologies.

Articulated vehicles and HGVs dominate our roads and highways and have a major influence on the economy of the country.

HGV drivers are 50% less likely to be involved in an accident, in comparison to car drivers, however, when an accident does occur involving these vehicles, the consequences can be significant. Therefore, it’s extremely important to take every care to ensure every safety and security measure is taken.

Daily operations can be diverse, working to tight deadlines in crowded environments, transporting valuable loads from foodstuffs, chemicals and livestock is all part of a driver’s everyday life.  These valuable loads can be susceptible to theft and the possibility of attacks on drivers.

More and more road users are using technologies to protect their assets, while simultaneously enhancing the safety of their day-to-day operations.

HGV camera systems

We provide specialised HGV camera systems and other safety technologies are designed to protect other road users helping to eliminate driver blindspots and improve driver awareness. This reduces the risk of collisions, which can be particularly deadly where HGVs are involved.

Other HGV camera systems and vehicle CCTV which offer a different type of protection for your vehicles, helping you protect your fleet from theft, vandalism, or false claims against your drivers.


VT Record


View VT Record

VT Mirrors

VT Mirrors Description

View VT Mirrors

VT Cameras

High Definition Visuals

View VT Cameras


Cyclist Safety

View TurnAlarm


Failsafe Braking System

View Brakesafe


Cyclist Safety

View TurnAware

SensorVision Drive

SensorVision Radar

View SensorVision Drive


SensorVision Radar

View SensorVision

SensorVision VMS

SensorVision Autobraking

View SensorVision VMS


Vehicle Security System

View iDent


360° Camera and monitor System

View Overview

Banksman Autobraking


View Banksman Autobraking

Banksman Reversing Radar

Reversing Radar

View Banksman Reversing Radar

VT Monitors

Visual Driver Aid

View VT Monitors

VT Stopsafe

Emergency Braking System

View VT Stopsafe


Cyclist Safety

View Turnsensor

24GHZ Radar

Reversing Radar

View 24GHZ Radar

Warning Alarm

Noise and Soundwaves

View Warning Alarm

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