Vehicle Safety Systems for Tractors

Taken from the Latin word “tractus” meaning drawing (pulling): a tractor is essentially a machine designed to pull things along. Tractors have traditionally been used on farms to mechanise several agricultural tasks – ploughing, tilling and planting fields in addition to routine landscape maintenance, moving or spreading fertiliser.

According to the HSENI farm equipment is involved in more than one in three farm-related deaths. These machines are also involved in many accidents which result in life-changing injuries.  Modern tractor designed has led to significant performance improvements, however, these huge workhorses can pose a risk to safety.

Our products are designed to remove any blind spots from around agricultural vehicles and trailers to ensure not only safety but improve the efficiency of the vehicle’s operations.


Vehicle Safety Systems for Tractors
Visual Driver Aid
Vulnerable Road User Safety Systems
High Definition Visuals
Anti-Collision Radar
Mobile CCTV

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