Safety and Security Systems for Skip Loaders

There are many versatile truck types on our roads but skip loaders are designed for a very specific task: transporting skips. The skips themselves are generally used for disposing of rubble and general rubbish and are to be found on building sites, developments and domestic clearances up and down the country.

There is no doubt that the skip loader endures a hard life, moving from one destination to another unloading and loading skips of various weights and dimensions but a skip lorry is built to withstand this type of work, our safety products are no different we have been supplying the waste and recycling sectors for over 30 years and all our products are tested to withstand the rigours of daily life or industry-proven for many years.


Safety and Security Systems for Skip Loaders
Visual Driver Aid
Braking Safety System
High Definition Visuals
Vulnerable Road User Safety
Anti-Collision Radar
Anti-Theft Security
Mobile CCTV
Fuel & CO2 Reduction

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