Safety, Security & Cost Saving Systems for Refrigerated Vehicles

Refrigerated vehicles are primarily used to transport goods that require temperature control to prevent spoilage, contamination, or degradation. This includes fresh and frozen food products, pharmaceuticals, flowers, and certain chemicals.  We provide specialised camera systems and other safety technologies are designed to protect other road users helping to eliminate driver blindspots and improve driver awareness. This reduces the risk of collisions, which can be particularly deadly where HGVs are involved.

VT Solar is the perfect product for refrigerated vehicles, providing panels to trailer roof with the aim of keeping fridge batteries fully charged, so preventing battery-related breakdowns.  By preventing the battery from draining completely and having to be jump-started, it prolongs the life of the battery.  So not only will your business see a cost saving from reduced breakdowns, it will also save on premature battery replacements.



Safety, Security & Cost Saving Systems for Refrigerated Vehicles
Visual Driver Aid
Braking Safety System
High Definition Visuals
Vulnerable Road User Safety
Anti-Collision Radar
Anti-Theft Security
Mobile CCTV
Fuel & CO2 Reduction

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