Safety Systems for Quarry Vehicles

The sheer size of these huge machines means there are a number of key factors to consider when controlling the significant hazards arising from the use of quarry dumpers.  The HSE state the most fatal injuries involving dumpers are overturning – over 60% of dumper deaths involve the driver when the vehicle overturns and collision – most other deaths occur when pedestrians are struck by the dumper when it is reversing or going forward on-site.

The HSE advises that sites need to plan the work so that dumpers are used on gradients that are within their safe working capacity, all quarry dumper drivers are fully trained and demonstrate safe driving practices, ensure all loads are evenly distributed and more importantly the loads do not obscure the quarry dumper operators vision.



Safety Systems for Quarry Vehicles
Visual Driver Aid
Mobile CCTV
Vulnerable Road User Safety
High Definition Visuals
Anti-Collision Radar

Quarry Dumper vehicle cameras, monitors, reversing radars, braking systems, digital recording devices and warning alarms

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