Safety, Security & Cost Saving Systems for Gritters

The size of these vehicles combined with their working environments can make these vehicles potentially hazardous, the most efficient speed for gritting a road is up to 40mph. Gritters will try to stick to this speed, even on motorways. On three-lane carriageways, gritters will drive in the middle lane, so all three lanes can be treated equally.

Remarkably, Highways England reports there are a growing number of instances where drivers are taking to the hard shoulder in order to avoid a road gritter.  Apart from being illegal, this is highly dangerous as cars could be hidden from view dramatically increasing the likelihood of an incident.

Our camera and monitor systems are designed to provide the drivers with a clear view around the vehicle especially on the potentially dangerous nearside blind spot, we develop products to ensure everyone is working safely, efficiently and protected.


Safety, Security & Cost Saving Systems for Gritters
Visual Driver Aid
Braking Safety System
High Definition Visuals
Vulnerable Road User Safety
Anti-Collision Radar
Anti-Theft Security
Mobile CCTV

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