Vehicle Safety Systems for Tankers

Road tankers provide an essential link in our supply chain for liquid fuels, chemicals and foodstuffs.  The tanker cargo may have the potential to cause harm to people, to property or to the environment they operate in. The key risks involved in the road transportation of fuels can be a road accident resulting in a leak or spill of fuel, or major accidents involving fire or explosion affecting communities around, disruption of business and other related effects.  With this in mind, the safety of a fuel tanker is paramount.

We work with a number of the UK leading suppliers of LPG and LNG providing them with our comprehensive range of cameras, monitors providing operators with clear visibility of their vehicles surroundings and anti-rollaway or emergency braking systems that give drivers a reliable and fail-safe way of working.



Vehicle Safety Systems for Tankers
Visual Driver Aid
Braking Safety System
Vulnerable Road User Safety
High Definition Visuals
Anti-Collision Radar
Mobile CCTV
Anti-Theft Security

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