Vehicle Safety Systems for Cranes

These types of vehicles operate in the toughest environments and large mobile plant machinery can pose a real danger to safety. Ensuring a safe environment for its operators and workers is challenging but an essential task.  Operators’ visibility is limited when driving these giant machines. This can be made worse by terrain, dust, weather, low light and darkness.  These are noisy environments to work in and workers hearing can be impaired. Over-time, greater demands have been placed on the development of advanced technologies to combat the extreme dangers prevalent in this industry.  Sensorvision & Banksman Auto Braking, along with many other dedicated products available from our range, have an unblemished track record offering proven longevity within this sector.



Vehicle Safety Systems for Cranes
Visual Driver Aid
Vulnerable Road User Safety
High Definition Visuals
Anti-Collision Radar
Mobile CCTV

Crane vehicle cameras, monitors, reversing radars, braking systems, digital recording devices and warning alarms

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