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Mobile DVR - VT Video Analytics

What is VT Video Analytics?

Monitor, control and analyse your on-board video surveillance with VT Video Analytics.

It can be difficult to keep track of all your mobile CCTV systems, especially with a large number of cameras that require a lot of manpower to keep track of everything that is going on.

VT Video Analytics is the latest cutting-edge technology that examines your digital video feeds precisely, missing absolutely nothing.

You can set up the software to send alerts for specific situations.

For example, an alert could trigger when a suspicious object is left within the vehicle or even removed, when the camera has been covered, turned off or unplugged, or if an operator climbed onto the rear of the vehicle.

This high quality intelligent tool allows for you to have complete control over your video detection system.

VT Video Analytics allows you to better monitor your vehicles with the smartest and latest security technology.

It allows less time to be used up monitoring multiple video feeds and quicker response times.

VT Video Analytics examines each pixel in the frame, with the ability to pick up even the slightest movement.

You can monitor the area even no one is watching, with everything captured on video.

VT Video analytics can differentiate between objects so you can recognise specific objects.

Should an object be moved or go missing, it can be programmed to send an alert.

It can also record the general behaviour of people passing by and differentiate different behaviours, alerting the proper personnel to the situation.

High quality of surveillance - Immediate notifications means much faster reactions.

Increased accuracy – Detecting specific behaviours allows for higher reliability than standard motion detection. VT Video analytics within a CCTV system also allows you to monitor for missing or unwanted objects.

Hazardous areas – VT Video Analytics can monitor vehicle operators that are in specific areas that could cause harm. Alarms can be set that will trigger when people within the CCTV cameras view are acting strangely or entering a restricted area.

Reduced labour costs – With VT Video Analytics is always watching, informing you of possible threats, decreasing labour costs and increasing productivity. Be alarted to the real issues quickly and efficiently.

  • Object Classification
  • Tripwire Event Detection
  • Multi-line Tripwire Event Detection
  • “Enters” Event Detection
  • “Exits” Event Detection
  • “Appears” Event Detection
  • “Disappears” Event Detection
  • “Inside of” Event Detection
  • Loitering Event Detection
  • Leave Behind Event Detection
  • Take Away Event Detection
  • Gross Change Event Detection
  • Object Size Filters
  • Object Size Change
  • Salience Filters
  • Multiview

VT Video Analytics is an upgrade for any vehicle with a live video feed, such as VT Live™.

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