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VT RecordOne Vehicle CCTV Recording System

Outstanding, competitive, essential HDD recorder

VT RecordOne is our lowest priced recording system. but still offers features that make it an effective black box recorder for any vehicle. GPS, G-sensor data, 4 camera support and H264 compression.

  • Support for up to 4 cameras
  • Plug & Play haradrive swap-out
  • GPS support with module

VT RecordOne is our entry level Vehicle CCTV recording system that has a very competitive price tag, but offers incredible features you wouldn't expect at such good value.

Taking advantage of H264 video compression, the RecordOne HDD system supports up to four cameras, and uses 'plug & play' lockable drives with between 250 gig and 1 TB of storage.

Your vehicle will be protected against liability claims and 'cash for crash' incidents with automaticaly recorded evidence from all of your on-board vehicle CCTV.

Footage can be encrypted using user passwords and video resolution can be adjusted to improve video quality or reduce file sizes, lengthening your vehicle recording time.

The Record One supports GPS recording, monitoring your vehicles speed and position for investigation and reporting, and comes with USB 2.0 for high speed downloads and a remote control.

Designed for customers looking for a recording solution on a budget, the Record One HDD system offers everything you need to cover your vehicles against liability claims and improve driver safety, but at a fraction of the cost.

"A highly capable and feature-heavy HDD recording system that costs less than you think"

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