vehicle cctv

VT Live: Real-time Vehicle CCTV System

Watch live & review recorded video anywhere in your vehicle

VT Live gives you real-time access to CCTV footage from single or multiple vehicles, and lets you review and download tagged events instantly - saving you time and money.

  • Watch live streaming video
  • Protect your fleet
  • Real-Time responsive action

VT Live streams CCTV footage from vehicle mounted cameras to any location using wireless remote connectivity.

Footage can be watched ‘as it happens’, reviewed later and can be downloaded for external use. Video can also be bookmarked by GPS location and event triggers set up onto the system - such as reversing, engine ignition or pressing a panic button.

VT Live integrates with market leading telematics management systems to give analysis of your fleet with immediate video evidence. VT Live is designed to monitor performance, identify areas where training is required, and look for ways to improve vehicle safety with your fleet.

The state-of-the-art vehicle CCTV software features GPS integration, tagging footage with exact location data, and allows footage to be searched for by location.

The system can protect against fraudulent claims or incidents and will bookmark events for review, massively reducing the time needed investigating.

Thanks to the ‘always recording’ function of VT Live, situations which once had no element of control can be managed, such as staff abuse, vehicle theft and vandalism, managing lone workers and frudulent claims.

This means any incident can be resolved quickly, efficently and more successfully.

“Real-time access to CCTV footage from single or multiple vehicles"

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