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VT H264 DVR Recorder CCTV System

Track and protect your vehicles with the VT H264 DVR

Record up to 4 camera feeds on our mobile digital video recorder that supports H264 compression, GPS and comes with essential features that will improve your vehicle CCTV.

  • H264 video compression
  • GPS tracking of vehicle
  • Antivibration drive
  • Supports Four cameras

The VT H264 DVR is a high performance digital video recording system, with multiple built-in features which make it one of our leading vehicle CCTV recording systems.

Your fleet of vehicles will be protected against liability claims with automatically recorded evidence from all of your vehicle cameras.

The VT H264 DVR unit comes with a ‘hot swappable’ hard drive which is keylocked into the DVR and can be easily removed and replaced for playback.

With support for up to 4 cameras, the device can record in multiple formats to provide low or high resolution quality that when compressed will extend the use of each hard drive. We can also support up to 6 or 8 cameras if required.

A high sensitivity GPS module will provide a vehicle’s speed and position for monitoring and analysis, whilst editable automatic power delay switches will activate or de-activate your recording system without the need to interact with the device, making it simplier to use.

Thanks to the ‘always recording’ function of VT Live, situations which once had no element of control can be managed, such as staff abuse, vehicle theft and vandalism, managing lone workers and frudulent claims.

Perfect to monitor your drivers and provide security against incidents, the H264 offers a solid recording solution built inside a vibration-proof body.

Essential recording system that uses GPS, H264 compression and anti-vibration"

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