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Reliable Recorded Footage

Vehicle CCTV DVR Recording Systems

CCTV DVR recording systems help prevent false claims against you and provide footage to deter theft, vandalism and help train staff.

We offer multiple mobile digital recorders which offer impressive features such as GPS integration, geo-tagging, event tagging, live streaming and the ability to upgrade any system to offer 4, 6 or 8 camera streams.

A four camera system gives vehicle operators 360° visibility around a vehicle, making the system essential to provide evidence with investigations or identifying hazards and risks.

VT Live: DVR 360° Wireless Streaming CCTV Vehicle Recorder

VT Live: DVR 360° Wireless Streaming Recorder

Our flagship live streaming & vehicle CCTV recording system. VT Live delivers 360° real-time footage – helping you defend, track and train your team with instant access when you need it.

VT H264 DVR Vehicle Recording System

VT H264 DVR Recorder

Our GPS enabled, anti-vibration mobile vehicle DVR uses ‘H264’ encoding technology – meaning file sizes are smaller, making your hard drive record for much longer.

VT RecordOne Vehicle CCTV System

VT RecordOne Vehicle CCTV System

Our entry level vehicle CCTV recording system has a very competitive price but offers plug & play hard drive swaps, GPS tagging and support for up to 4 cameras.