Highways Construction Safety Solutions

Safety in the Highways Construction Industry

Road and highways construction are hazardous occupations and ranked as one of the most dangerous places to work. The main cause of injuries in this sector is contact with moving vehicles and plant machinery.

This sector is growing year on year with investment to improve our infrastructure increasing significantly, with over £15 billion spent between 2015 and 2020.  To reduce disruption to our road network this work needs to be carried out 24/7 in all types of weather conditions in low light, poor visibility, with workers using ear defenders that can cause further issues to their general awareness.

All these factors pose a number of increased risks to safety, that’s why our products have been developed in collaboration with some of the biggest names in the industry.  

We believe every worker deserves the right to go home safe after their shift.



  • Issues in the highways industry
    • Reversing accident due to blind spots
    • Forward facing incidents
    • Collisions due to poor visibility (darkness, fog, etc)
    • Collisions with pedestrians  vehicles not being heard on approach
    • Falling materials landing due to lack of vision
    • Collisions due to manoeuvring in tight spaces
    • Risk of theft
    • Ear defenders reducing site workers ability to clearly hear approaching vehicles.
  • Solutions for the highways Industry
  • How Vision Techniques can help
    • All round visibility
    • Safer working environment
    • Increased efficiency
    • Reduced incidents
    • Reduced vehicle downtime due to accidents and damage
    • Meet health and safety requirements
    • Safeguard company reputation
  • Why choose Vision Techniques?
    • 30 years of market-leading expertise.
    • Innovation second to none
    • Fully managed service
    • Dedicated technical support
    • Qualified engineers for installation
    • Bespoke tailored products and service
    • SO9001 accredited and award-winning recognition.