Emergency Vehicle Safety Solutions

Safety in the Emergency Services

Specialist vehicles and machines in the emergency services have a range of diverse roles, these vehicles all need to respond quickly, safely and efficiently. Every situation is different and requires a tailored solution to their specific operations.

The risks facing emergency vehicles are amplified due to travelling at high speed, often in the dark and under extreme pressure. Security and safety are of paramount importance to avoid incidents and to ensure a vehicle reaches its destination safely.

Vision Techniques have 30 years of experience working with authorities to tailor solutions so they are fully equipped to drive safely and effectively for fewer incidents and greater staff and public protection.



Vehicles in this sector

  • Issues in the Blue Light Sector
    • Accidents because of decreased visibility
    • Response speeds required may cause incidents
    • Increasing the risk of attacks on staff and vehicles
    • Risk of vandalism and theft
  • Solutions for the Blue Light industry
  • How Vision Techniques can help
    • Fewer incidents
    • Safe operations for employees, public and vehicles
    • Lower insurance costs
    • Zero risk of false claims
    • Deter vandals and thieves
    • Full vehicle security surveillance
    • Footage can be used as evidence
    • Peace of mind for both managers and workers
    • Fewer noise complaints
    • Reputation is safeguarded
  • Why choose Vision Techniques?
    • 30 years of market-leading expertise.
    • Innovation second to none
    • Fully managed service
    • Dedicated technical support
    • Qualified engineers for installation
    • Bespoke tailored products and service
    • SO9001 accredited and award-winning recognition.