Construction Safety Solutions

Safety in the Construction Industry

The construction industry faces many challenges and safety is fundamental. Machinery and vehicles constantly operate in restricted areas in close proximity to site workers and other vehicles, operating in all weather conditions and in the harshest of environments.

Drivers and operators visibility and hearing can be impaired restricting their ability to hear or see vehicles, machinery or people increasing the risk of incidents.

Vision Techniques safety products improve visibility and provide protection, helping you meet all your health and safety regulations – whether you are on-site or in the public domain.  Our products are designed to eliminate blind spots, reduce human error and prevent costly vehicle damage or downtime associated with accidents.

More importantly, our products ensure all your employees are working in a safe environment.

  • Issues in the construction industry
    • On and off-road collisions due to blind spots
    • Vehicle downtime due to incidents
    • Site workers being struck by vehicles and mobile machines
    • Ear defenders reducing site workers ability to hear approaching vehicles
    • Visibility is impaired due to low light and harsh weather conditions
    • Outdated tonal alarms not being heard by site workers
  • Solutions for the construction industry
  • How Vision Techniques can help
    • Fewer accidents
    • Safe working environment
    • Lower insurance costs
    • More vehicles in operation
    • Deter thieves
    • Full vehicle security surveillance
    • Meet health and safety requirements
    • Peace of mind for both managers and workers
  • Why choose Vision Techniques
    • 30 years of market-leading expertise.
    • Innovation second to none
    • Fully managed service
    • Dedicated technical support
    • Qualified engineers for installation
    • Bespoke tailored products and service
    • SO9001 accredited and award-winning recognition.