Construction Safety Solutions

Safety in the Construction Industry

We supply a wide range of safety solutions designed to make operations easier, safer and more efficient in the construction industry, which has been consistently named as one of the most dangerous sectors in the UK.

Our 360° Mobile CCTV Systems and Rear View Camera are just two examples of solutions that can help to mitigate the notoriously large blind-spots common to construction vehicles, and make vehicles safer to operate in difficult conditions, such as darkness, heavy rain, hail or snow.

Similarly, our Auto Braking and Cyclist Detection systems can help protect vulnerable road users in close proximity, such as cyclists on public roads, or nearby employees when it’s manoeuvring itself in tightly-spaced or restricted areas on-site.

Our sophisticated safety systems are designed with the difficult conditions of construction sites in mind, cutting through any environmental factors that may be affecting the vision, hearing, or attention span of the driver.

When it comes to safety, we know our customers expect the best, so we make sure that’s exactly what we provide here at Vision Techniques. We can even help you meet health and safety regulations, whether you’re working on-site or in the public domain.

Most importantly, our products ensure that all of your employees are working in a safe environment.

  • Issues in the construction industry

    The construction industry is one of the single most dangerous sectors in the UK, second only to agriculture and waste management. Thousands of injuries are reported every year, and some of these, sadly, are fatal.

    Some of the most serious safety risks in the construction industry include:

    • On and off-road collisions due to blind spots
    • Site workers being struck by vehicles and mobile machines
    • Impaired visibility due to low light and harsh weather conditions
    • Ear defenders reducing the ability of site workers to hear approaching vehicles
    • Outdated tonal alarms not being heard by site workers
    • Manoeuvring in tight spaces

    The industry also deals with a range of additional issues that don’t always pose quite so much of an immediate safety risk, but they can be damaging in other ways by being costly and time-consuming:

    • Vehicle damage and downtime due to incidents
    • Reversing alarm complaints
    • Risk of theft
  • Solutions for the construction industry

    We supply a comprehensive range of safety solutions here at Vision Techniques. Each one is designed to mitigate (or resolve) a specific hazard. Many of these hazards comprise daily risks for the construction industry, some even posing a danger to life. Our solutions include:

  • How Vision Techniques can help

    Our team has decades of specialist experience behind them, spanning across a range of sectors. This gives us a comprehensive knowledge of specific hazards that may be endangering your assets, your premises, or most importantly, human health and safety. We draw on this considerable pool of collective expertise to identify and recommend the best systems and solutions for you, helping to close any safety gaps in your operations, with a view towards reducing accidents to zero.

    • 30 years of market-leading expertise.
    • Innovation second to none
    • Fully managed service
    • Dedicated technical support
    • Qualified engineers for installation
    • Bespoke tailored products and service
    • SO9001 accredited and award-winning recognition.

    We can help:

    • Reduce accidents
    • Provide a safe working environment
    • Lower insurance costs
    • Put more vehicles in operation
    • Deter thieves
    • Provide full vehicle security surveillance
    • Meet health and safety requirements
    • Provide peace of mind for both managers and workers