Bus & Coach Safety Solutions

Safety in the Bus and Coach Industry

Public transport provides an essential service for today’s commuters and travellers. Operating vehicles in busy and congested urban spaces can pose a significant risk of incidents. On London streets alone 69 pedestrians and cyclists were killed in 2016, 27 of those were involved in a collision with an HGV or a bus.

The size and driving position of buses and coaches decreases the driver’s visibility which makes them prone to numerous blind spots. This lack of visibility greatly increases the risk of a collision. In the case of buses and coaches, passengers can also be a distraction, especially where there is a high level of interaction required increasing the risk of a rollaway incident. You might not think it, but being in the public domain means these vehicles can also be susceptible to theft or vandalism.  Vision Techniques can help you achieve your FORS and Direct Vision Standard accreditation.

Our products protect employees, vehicles, pedestrians and vulnerable road users.

  • Issues in the bus and coach industry
    • Collisions with cyclists, pedestrians and other road users due to blind spots
    • Maneuvering in bus stations, coach interchanges, depots, and garages
    • Attacks on members of the public, drivers, and staff
    • Unfounded insurance claims for personal injury and damage
    • Damage to vehicles when maneuvering within urban environments
    • Vandalism of buses and coaches by passengers
    • Risk of Rollaways
    • Risk of theft
  • Solutions for the bus and coach industry
  • How Vision Techniques can help
    • All round visibility
    • Safer working environment
    • Increased efficiency
    • Reduced incidents
    • Reduced vehicle downtime due to accidents and damage
    • Meet health and safety requirements
    • Safeguard company reputation
  • Why choose Vision Techniques?
    • 30 years of market-leading expertise.
    • Innovation second to none
    • Fully managed service
    • Dedicated technical support
    • Qualified engineers for installation
    • Bespoke tailored products and service
    • SO9001 accredited and award-winning recognition.