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VT VMS Reversing Radar

Intelligent programmable reversing radar

Protect staff, pedestrians and cyclists with our 100% accurate reversing radar, the ultimate in rear safety. If audible and visual alarms are ignored, the Banksman radar automatically applies the brakes using smart sensors.

  • Detect reversing hazards
  • Protect
drivers and pedestrians
  • Automatic braking in danger zone

Accidents when reversing continue to be one of the most dangerous incidents involving large vehicles because of the lack of visibility and slow driver response. Rear vision cameras can provide visibility but if distracted, hazards can be missed.

Using a VMS Radar system with auto-braking reduces the risk of vehicle collision or potential accidents with pedestrians.

VMS uses proximity sensors which recognise the speed of the vehicles approach and detect objects within radar distance, relaying information back to the driver through our cab panel alarm unit.

Our VMS system also offers automatic braking, and will apply the brakes of the vehicle within the inner ‘danger zone’ of the radar, if cab warning signals are ignored.

Our award winning radar system detects hazards with a 100% accuracy rating with false alarm suppression, making reversing maneuvers safer and easier for your drivers.

We’ve developed our VMS Radar system to be fully programmable to match the specific size and shape of your vehicle, making it more effective within the radar zones, and can be installed onto any vehicle to improve difficult reversing conditions.

Using our radar can help to prevent potential 3rd party claims against drivers as well as preventing damage to vehicles and foreign objects.

“Make reversing safer with our award-winning VMS reversing radar

Banksman – Reversing Radar System

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VT VMS Reversing Radar

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