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VT SensorVision Drive forward facing vehicle radar

Forward facing programmable radar

Warn drivers of oncoming dangers when visibility is blocked by using our fully programmable and interchangable front facing radar, designed to detect hazards and reduce the risk of vehicle and pedestrian collisions.

  • Detect approaching hazards
  • Editable Radar allows swap to vehicles
  • Robust Waterproof Body

Due to the size and shape of quarrying and construction vehicles such as dumpers, blocked by the vehicle loadbed – especially if there’s a heaped load. The possibility of colliding with objects and obstacles is very high in these situations and therefore avoidance measures are needed.

Our SensorVision: DRIVE is a forward facing radar system that detects hazards and warns the driver of any danger using its experienced radar system.

Able to detect oncoming objects with enhanced accuracy, the SensorVision: DRIVE system benefits from years of testing and enhancements with our original reversing radar, popular with many industry leading suppliers such as Tarmac and CEMEX.

Being able to program the device also means that radar detections patterns can be edited, making each radar unit interchangeable between different sized dumpers.

Each radar is individually programmed for a specific detection zone, making it unique to your vehicles size and shape, within an incredibly rugged and robust body to guarantee survival against the worst conditions.

The Balfour Betty approved system uses three specific detection zones to highlight the dangers at the front of the vehicle, which are displayed visually and audibly to the driver using an alarmed cab panel.

“Avoid collisions where drivers have low visibility using our best-selling SensorVision radar system”

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