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VT Banksman Vehicle Reversing Radar

Intelligent programmable reversing radar for vehicles

Protect your staff. pedestrians and rood users with our 100% accurate reversing radar. the ultimate in rear safety. This intelligent full programmable radar will help reduce the risk of collisions.

  • Detect reversing hazards
  • Protect
drivers and pedestrians
  • Prevent litigation costs

Reversing in a large vehicle can be a difficult and dangerous manoeuvre, with human judgement errors or distractions causing accidents which could easily be prevented.

The Banksman Radar is our fully programmable radar reversing safety system which detects hazards in the path of a reversing vehicle.

The radar helps protect drivers, pedestrians and any cyclists or drivers near the rear of the vehicle from accidents caused by difficult manoeuvres.

Using proximity sensors which bounce signals between objects and the sensor unit, the radar system is able to locate dangers in the area of the vehicle.

The Banksman Radar provides the driver with visual and audible warnings that make the driver aware of any possible danger before accidents occur.

We've developed the Radar system to be fully tailorable to your vehicles' needs, and can be installed into any vehicle to improve difficult reversing conditions.

Using our radar can help prevent potential 3rd party claims against drivers as well as preventing damage to vehicles and foreign objects.

“Make reversing safer with our award-winning Banksman reversing radar

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