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Banksman Plus Vehicle Reversing Radar

What is Banksman Radar Plus?

Take reversing safety to the next level with Banksman Radar Plus.

At the cutting edge of vehicle safety, Banksman Radar Plus is an intelligent, fully programmable radar based reversing safety system which detects potential hazards in the path of the reversing vehicle – with additional safety features.

With its special extra safety feature, LED warning light boards, the system will save you money by substantially reducing collision risk and reducing operating costs.

Banksman Radar Plus’ reversing sensors and warning light boards help to prevent collisions occurring - detecting any inanimate objects in the path of the vehicle.

Both the reversing alarms and LED light boards will warn anyone who may wander into the blind hazard zones behind the vehicle.

The system is suitable for vehicles where an additional level of safety is required when carrying out a reverse manoeuvre - specifically, where the operation involves the vehicle being parked on a road with the crew working in and around it, where potentially other traffic may be present.

Reversing aids

It is becoming more apparent that other road users have a blatant disregard to those people responsible for collecting our household waste and recycling.

Flashing amber beacons and hi-visibility clothing are so common they tend to be ignored.

In order to increase vehicle safety, a worded warning message displays “SLOW DOWN”. When entering a built-up area the message instantly attracts attention and drivers will usually remove their foot from the accelerator and look at the speedometer.

Banksman Radar Plus can be programmed to accommodate limitless vehicle types and operational requirements.

By detecting a human being with 100 per cent accuracy using its reversing proximity sensors, the system minimises false alarms.

Banksman Radar Plus will prevent from compensation claims arising from third party property damage, personal injury or, at worst, a fatality.

VT Banksman Radar Plus

Should a potential hazard come into the defined rear protection zone, Banksman Radar Plus’ reversing sensors will detect its presence and alert the operator using reversing alarms.

If the system detects the movement of a worker at the rear, or detects a car approaching within 12m of the rear of the vehicle to which the system is fitted, the system will activate the light boards which bear a message such as ‘Caution workers at rear’.

This will attract the attention of other vehicle driver and raise awareness of the working crew, who are at risk from other road users.

The forward facing light board is positioned discreetly behind the windscreen of the vehicle’s cab. The external rearward facing unit sits at high level on the bin-lift, hopper or tailgate. The external light board is highly waterproof.

The Banksman Radar Plus system is configured to detect in neutral gear as well as reverse, but switches to a much longer pattern when neutral is selected.

  • Protects operatives, public and operatives
  • Reduces the risk of accidents where human judgement error or distraction is a key factor
  • Prevents potential litigation costs
  • Reduced operational cost
  • Peace of mind for both managers and workers
  • Improved working safety levels for the crew and reduce the risk of potential accidents
  • British design and manufacture, with software written in house
  • Robust, heavy industry proven design
  • Fully programmable, tightly defined detection zone perimeter
  • Intelligent design to reduce false alarms
  • Reliable detection of people and inanimate objects
  • Provides protection in neutral as well as reverse
  • Detection driven, high intensity/visibility LED warning signs
  • Unaffected by environmental conditions
  • Waterproof to IP67 or better
  • 12 or 24v operation
  • Low power consumption, 0.5 Amp max @24v DC

The Banksman Radar is a high tech, precision device, which must be installed and calibrated by a qualified technician.

Which vehicles is it suitable for?


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Further information

Download the Banksman Plus technical specification document below.

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