Collision avoidance systems

We supply a comprehensive range of sophisticated collision detection and collision avoidance systems, many of them developed in-house right here at Vision Techniques.

Collision detection and avoidance systems are primarily designed to prevent collisions, or reduce the severity of the impact if an accident becomes unavoidable. Different collision avoidance systems work in different ways. Once the potential for a collision is detected, some will bring it to the driver’s attention via sound or light, so that the human operator can take corrective action. The more high-tech collision avoidance systems, such as automatic braking systems, will even take this corrective action themselves.

We supply all the main types of collision detection and avoidance here at Vision Techniques. VT Banksman and VT Sensorvision are the most advanced forward collision warning systems, reversing radars and autobraking systems on the market. These award winning systems have been developed to reduce collisions, protecting staff, assets and members of the public.


VT Banksman Tri-Sense (TS)

This universal, budget friendly, radar system detects with 100% accuracy. It incorporates in-cab visual and audible alarms. Alerting the driver of hazards when maneuvering giving them enough time to react, therefore, reducing the risk of collision.