VT Turnaware PDS

Pedestrian Detection System

VT Turnaware PDS (Pedestrian Detection System)

VT Turnaware PDS is a blind spot camera system that uses sophisticated video AI algorithms to detect Vulnerable Road Users (VRU’s) moving towards the vehicle and will warn the driver of their approach and is compliant with Direct Vision Standard PSS & FORS. Tested to UNECE-R151.

Features and Benefits

Pedestrian detection
Up to 3 detection zones
Visual / audible alerts
Can be retro-fitted
DVS Progressive Safe System (PSS)
Adjustable lens
VT Turnaware PDS Camera

VT Turnaware PDS Camera


  • Definition 720 or 1080P
  • Framerate 25 or 30FPS
  • Detection Zones Up to 3
  • Alerting Audible and / or visual
  • Detection Real-time

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