VT Sensorvision Drive

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The VT Sensorvision Drive system is a forward-facing obstacle detection radar specifically developed for dumpers.

VT Sensorvision Drive warns drivers of approaching hazards with a ‘three-tier detection zone’ audible and visual warning.

It is unique in the construction industry as its uses FMCW microwave detection – a flawless, accurate method of recognising an object in front of the vehicle.

Providing customers with hazard detection capability solves a problem faced by dumper operators across the country – having no way of seeing beyond their heaped load.

By using a radar that detects with perfect accuracy there’s little risk of colliding with objects, vehicles or workers on site.

Features and Benefits

FMCW Technology for accurate and reliable detection

Customised to vehicle or application

Intelligent detection of closing distances to prevent false alarms

Can be retrofitted to any type of vehicle
Driver alert system
Plug-and-play operation, ensuring simple installation
Optimised for portability, allowing it to be easily detached and reinstalled on different machines
Updated 77ghz radar technology
Unique to VT
VT Sensorvision Drive

VT Sensorvision Drive


  • Detection FMCW
  • Alert Audible & Visual
  • Frequency 77GHZ
  • Zones Programmable / Customisable

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