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Product of the Month – VT Solar

News Story

Product of the Month – VT Solar

Starting on Sunday, March 31st, the clocks spring forward, signalling the beginning of British Summer Time (BST). Anticipate longer, brighter days on the horizon. By the end of March, we’ll enjoy 12 hours of daylight, extending to nearly 17 hours come June!

VT Solar offers compatibility with various vehicle types, such as trucks, vans, trailers, and more. Our VT Solar panels have a proven track record of harnessing solar power effectively. Now, being in the UK I know what you are thinking, we don’t get much sun…..

Even without sun, fleet solar panels still produce electricity. Solar panels are designed to work in all weather conditions, including cloudy and rainy miserable days!! Our fleet solar panels use ultraviolet light to create power. Even on a miserable day, there is ultraviolet light present.

They are a cost-effective, proven technology that will also support your commitment to the environment ♻️ As well as operating at a higher voltage than competitor solar solutions, our unique system works in low light, cloudy days and even in shading from buildings in town centres.

VT Solar products are manufactured in the UK using a unique encapsulation process that has been developed through years of investment in research and development.

While most customers tend to start with solar installations on new vehicles, many then go on to retrofit the existing fleet once the technology has been proven within their operation.

The installation of VT Solar on vehicles aims to significantly reduce your fleet’s fuel consumption, decrease greenhouse gas emissions and lower operational costs and our web-based telematics platform gives visibility of solar savings along with the advanced benefit of vehicle tracking.

Just one of our customers benefitting from VT Solar, Nigel Jones, Service Manager at Lewes District Council, said:

As a local authority we are always searching for innovative products that can lessen the impact of our fleet on the environment – however small or large they are. Wherever we can reduce emissions, we will do – it’s one of the main reasons we opted for the VT Solar product



VT Solar Features:

💻 Telematics platform + GPS
☁️ Up to 2,900KG Annual CO₂ saving
⛽ Up to 1,100L Annual fuel saving
🛠️ Significantly reduced maintenance
💪 Shatterproof and durable
⚡ EV applicable
☀️ Powerful solar conversion

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