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‘Optimised Waste Logistics’ (OWL)

What is OWL?

‘Optimised Waste Logistics’ (OWL) is a unique fully integrated waste management solution.

OWL utilises the latest cutting-edge vehicle CCTV, vehicle-weighing technology and vehicle management systems to reduce your costs maximise your resources and improve safety for your workforce.

Using its cutting-edge integrated live 360° vehicle CCTV recording system, OWL will decrease fraudulent claims and accidents - protecting staff members, assets and the public.

In order to reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions, OWL monitors and manages driver behaviour and performance.

OWL prevents vehicles from overloading using its innovative vehicle weighing technology – eliminating the possibility of potential fines, increased fuel usage, increased stopping distances or vehicle damage.

OWL is the result of three organisations with different expertise working together to produce the very best vehicle safety and money saving solution – Vision Techniques, Vehicle Weighing Solutions and CMS Supatrak.

OWL is ultimate waste collection solution.

‘Optimised Waste Logistics’ (OWL)

With OWL, you will see a reduction in fuel and carbon usage through effective driver behaviour management.

There will also be a significant reduction in fraudulent claims and accidents with integrated live 360° vehicle CCTV.

Live video footage is streamed from vehicle-mounted cameras to any location using its remote connectivity.

By monitoring and managing driver behaviour, and educating drivers to demonstrate more efficient driving styles, waste vehicles can maximise the miles per gallon achieved and, ultimately, reduce fuel costs and carbon emissions.

Using its predictive maintenance system, based on actual usage such as body hours, bin lifts etc, minimal maintenance and service costs will be required on your waste vehicles.

You will see an increase operational efficiency with its with cost per household reporting for each route and in cab job control for domestic, trade and bulk collections.

Your trade revenue will increase with OWL’s pay per weight billing integrated dynamic bin weighing and ID. You can also measure your recycling participation rates with dynamic bin weighing.

The system works to reduce fuel and carbon usage, increase operational efficiency, and reduce maintenance and service costs - using its vehicle management system.

  • Fully integrated waste collection solution
  • Reduce costs
  • Protect your workforce
  • Maxmise resources
  • Reduce carbon footprint
  • Chassis CANbus information
  • Body CANbus information
  • Live 360° degree video recording
  • Payload data
  • Bin weight and bin identification information
  • In cab job control

OWL is a high tech, precision system, which must be installed and calibrated by a qualified technician.

Which vehicles is it suitable for?