Working together to get the best results

At Vision Techniques we are renowned for developing relationships with our customers, we like to treat our customers as partners, so when Durham County Council installed our anti rollaway braking system VT BRAKESAFE and our security system VT IDENT across their fleet, we were ready to share our knowledge and technical expertise with them.

Brakesafe and Ident

Our workshops are delivered via a mixture of presentation, hands on experience and interactive exercises presented by our technical Manager Dave Smith with his 20 years experience in commercial vehicle safety. The day is organised to ensure everyone who attends leaves with a good working knowledge of the product, its features and benefits and given the opportunity to ask questions to gain a deep understanding of how the systems can improve the safety of the fleet and the team.

Durham Council training

We offer and build tailored courses to suit the needs of the customer to ensure the customer gets the best from our products. Whatever your requirements get in touch we can help contact us