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Whatever your fleet VT FMS can help

All industries are reliant on all different types of vehicles, without them the world of industry and commerce would grind to a halt. Cars, vans, HGV’s, RCV’s plant machinery, you name it, all vehicles play an essential role in the efficiency of any business.

Whether you have a large or small fleet challenges need to be overcome and operations need to be dealt with quickly and efficiently. Careful, attentive workflow management is required otherwise this can disrupt productivity and become a drain on your resources.

Vt FMS Telematics

Talk Talk
When you have workers out in the field, the ability to communicate clearly and quickly is hugely important. Yet it’s an area of concern for drivers and fleet managers.
The inability for teams to follow the assigned schedule and slow communication between office and field teams can have a negative impact on the moral of the business.
VT FMS gives you access to multi map, Google maps, OSM ARCGIS or even incorporate your own maps to create specific zones giving you real-time information on road status and traffic information relayed via a 2- way communication with Garmin device. The platform can be fully customised so you can add business policies quickly and easily and create reports and alerts based on your business rules.

Telematics communication

Be safe out there
While the value of clear communication is obvious, there’s another key workflow management issue facing companies that have workers on the road: visibility. How can you be certain that the people operating your company vehicles are doing so safely and efficiently?
VT safety products can be integrated with VT FMS so any activations will be relayed with an instant alert straight into your inbox and when integrated into our vehicle cameras journey playback can be a vital tool when investigating incidents.
The event and alert management area keeps you up to date with the performance of the vehicle giving you real-time engine information, tyre pressure and temperature monitoring with a driver management area reporting on specific driver behaviour giving you a deeper understanding of where additional training is required or to introduce driver incentives for safer driver practices.


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