VT Live helps Bin Lorry safety initiative

Dangerous driving has been in the spotlight this week thanks to an initiative launched by Island Waste services and Hampshire police using the Vision Techniques ‘VT Live’ recording system.

The campaign was launched by the Isle of Wight waste services and Hampshire Police to try to reduce driving related incidents that pose a danger to their staff whilst collecting recycling and refuse from the Island’s households.

All recorded footage was collected using ‘VT Live’, Vision Techniques live streaming DVR system. The recording solution allows fleet managers to connect live to multiple vehicles using 3G or 4G and watch events as they happen, or playback GPS-tagged footage instantly.

The video has gained massive support by the media and the public as it clearly shows some of the dangerous or impatient driving taking place on our roads, including vehicles driving on pavements and cars hitting collection vehicles and staff.

“We’re very proud to have helped provide evidence of dangerous driving in this campaign using our CCTV recording system. Our product was developed to improve driver safety and reduce liability claims, but there are so many other advantages to having an always-recording solution like VT Live – as demonstrated by this campaign. We believe this is what makes VT Live one of the market leading recording solutions in the refuse industry.” Explained Michael Hanson, Managing Director of Vision Techniques.

You watch watch the video here on youtube or using BBC News here