The impact of the rising number of delivery vans on city centre roads

Any regular driver on Britain’s roads will have witnessed the increase in delivery vans on their daily commute. Of course, with more vans and LGVs on the roads, comes an increased risk of accidents, which is the topic of debate in The London Assembly at the moment.

The London Assembly is currently seeking views on the impact of the rising number of delivery vans on the capital’s roads. In a recently launched survey, the assembly’s transport committee set to get feedback on how vans contribute to traffic congestion, air quality and safety in London – safety being our main interest here at Vision Technique.

According to figures from Transport for London (TfL), light commercial traffic makes up 13% of all London’s road traffic, compared with 4% for HGVs and 1.7% for buses. During the peak morning travel times, this equates to around 7,300 vans on the roads every hour.

What’s more, light commercial traffic is expected to increase by 22% between 2011 and 2031, while HGV traffic will remain static. The increase is attributed to the continued growth of online shopping – but with vehicles continuing to rise, the risk of more incidents and accidents on the roads is a worry.

Safety technology for delivery vans

An increase of vans operating in city centres at peak times could pose further risks to cyclists and pedestrians, which is why safety technology has become so critical in today’s climate. While it will be hard to reduce the number of LGVs and vans on the road, while still meeting consumer demands, there are ways we can increase the safety of their presence.

Our best sellers for vans and LGVs include:

  • Vehicle CCTV – Our wide range of cameras are designed with fantastic features including LED night vision, ultra-wide lenses and 360 degree fluid angling.
  • Reversing aids – Designed to prevent collision with objects, vehicles, and pedestrians, reversing aids are vital in improving vehicle safety. Our auto-braking radar also offers something unique to the market, reducing reversing accidents in vehicles that use it by 100%
  • VT TurnSafe products – With cyclist safety being a major focus in 2015, and into 2016, any technology that can reduce vehicle collisions with a cyclist is a huge plus. Featuring alarms, visible sign warnings, sensors, and cameras, the TurnSafe range really does have it all.
  • Vehicle control system – Our VT IDent product is ideal for ensuring that only those authorised to drive a particular vehicle do, helping ensure peace of mind. What’s more, VT Ident can also reduce fuel emissions, something else important to the assembly, by taking control of the electrical and hydraulic functions of the vehicle.

To find out more about any of these products, browse our website, or give our expert team a call on 08455 643 337.

Do you drive an LGV or delivery van? If so, how have you improved the safety of your vehicle and driving? Share your tips and Vision Techniques product recommendations in the comments below, or tweet us @VisionTechnique