Safety camera systems for commercial vehicles

Vehicle safety cameras have never been more valuable. While in-car cameras are beneficial to most industries, they’re a particularly important addition to commercial vehicles. As commercial vehicles like buses, coaches, taxis and trucks operate in built-up areas a city centres; the risk of accidents is usually higher.

Five reasons to invest in a vehicle safety camera

Helps eliminate ‘crash for cash’ schemes

Over the last few years, ‘cash for crash schemes’ have been on the rise, costing the insurance industry £392m each year. Should you ever be one of the unlucky few to become victim, an in-car vehicle safety camera will capture all the evidence you need to protect yourself – and your insurance premium. VT CrashCAM is one of our most popular cameras and ideal for capturing these kinds of events. It also records and saves footage without the need to press any buttons.

Ensures peace of mind

Video doesn’t just capture action on the road. If a passenger becomes violent or abusive in your taxi, coach or bus, your vehicle safety camera will capture every single moment. Furthermore, a vehicle safety camera also acts as a good deterrent against this sort of behaviour. A vehicle safety camera like our VT99 Vehicle Camera System is perfect for this.

Helps improve costs associated with vehicle ownership

The use of in-car cameras, like our VT56 Vehicle Camera, can help you make serious savings on your insurance premiums. While many insurance claims are almost impossible to prove, in-car safety cameras can offer clear evidence. By using video captures to support your story and your claim, you can protect your no-claims bonus and ensure insurance premiums don’t increase. More and more insurers are also factoring presence of vehicle safety camera into insurance premium costs.

Can be monitored by other staff members

Some vehicle safety cameras, like VT Live, deliver real-time information to a central location using wireless remote connectivity. This allows other members of your team to act fast, should an accident occur.

Helps prevent other accidents

Of course, it’s not just other vehicles you need to look out for as a commercial driver. When you’re tired, overworked, or have obstructed views from your vehicle, a reversing camera can help. VT MotionEye is one of the best reversing cameras on the market right now. It informs you of any danger – whether a car, vehicle or building is in your way – and boasts a 180 degree wide angle view for optimum perspective. Ideal for removing all those blindspots and preventing reversing accidents, it’s one of the leading products in our range.

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For optimum safety on the roads, we also recommend VT TurnSafe, our collection of cyclist-safety technology. You can discover the whole range of products here.

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