Reversing cameras for HGVs

Eliminating the rear blindspot

Reversing cameras for HGVs are an important addition to any fleet.  According to the Department of Transportation, something as simple as reversing an HGV accounts for 25 per cent of commercial vehicle accidents.

Reversing a vehicle of any size is not a “natural” movement.  Firstly, we cannot see what is going on behind us when we are moving backwards.  Secondly, it is awkward and uncomfortable. Even after a driver methodically checks every mirror, a person or object could have easily moved into a blind spot or one of the mirrors already checked. resulting in an increase in the risk of an accident happening.

Unfortunately, a driver cannot control the elements outside of the vehicle, therefore he only has control over the vehicle he is operating and his own personal reaction times.  This is not a new problem. To improve reversing accidents, electronic back-up alarm system for the commercial industry was introduced to notify people of the vehicle’s intentions. The person hears the alarm and moves out of harm’s way.

Flashing lights were also added to vehicles to add a visual warning.  However, people have become somewhat desensitized to the lights and alarms and wrongly assume the person operating a vehicle can see everything around them and will stop. In the meantime, the operators of the vehicles can rely on the people outside of the vehicle to pay attention. This may explain why there are still many reports of reversing accidents.

A visual aid

Enter reversing cameras, a tool that allows an operator to view the area at the rear of the vehicle.  Our extensive range of reversing cameras for HGVs eliminates rear blind spots, therefore making reversing manoeuvres safer.

Here are Vision Techniques we have been working with fleets across the UK to help reduce blindspots from around the vehicles, therefore increasing safety.  We have developed a full range of reversing cameras for every type of vehicle and for every application.


ALPHA REAR reversing camera is a tough dependable addition to your safety equipment.

Alpha rear


ALPHA BALL is one of our best selling wide angle cameras, available in true or reverse image.

Alpha ball

VT56AEIR is robust in design to withstand the rigours of daily life.

VT56AEIRSF is designed to fit on the rear roof panel of a vehicle to eliminate the rear blind spot

Reversing camera



Our range is not limited to reversing cameras.  We have developed a number of visual aids to reduce blind spots resulting in better visibility, therefore reducing accidents.


Our vehicle camera systems cover every angle of the vehicle, whatever your vehicle or application, we have something to suit. Every product has been designed to integrate with all our existing vehicle safety systems.  Our specialist camera range is perfect for integration with our VT MONITORS and VT RECORD, however, our range is extensive so if you have a specialist application please contact our team with your requirements and we will be happy to advise you.

specialist camera range


Our VT OVERVIEW 360° has been hailed as the most comprehensive overview any driver can have for safe manoeuvring.  Therefore, giving the driver a “birds eye view” of the surrounding area of the vehicle

VT Overview 360


New for 2020 VT NIGHT-SIGHT 24 is the next generation in camera technology.  HD colour visuals by day and night.

Night vision camera



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