Recent figures reveal a need for fleets to invest in safety technology

Statistics made available for previous years make alarming reading. In a recent report, statistics for 2014 revealed that there were 1,658 people killed, 20,676 seriously injured and 123,988 slightly injured in accidents that involved vehicles on the road.

While a wide range of vehicles have been covered in this data, a huge percentage were larger vehicles, such as LGVs, trucks, and HGVs. In fact, 14,043 of the accidents involved light goods vehicles and 6,873 involved heavy goods vehicles. Together that’s just under 15% of the accident total – a huge figure considering the limited number of these vehicles on the roads compared to cars.

When a truck was the cause of the accident, 45% of the accidents had mainly occurred at an intersection, following a lane departure, an overtaking manoeuvre or accident with a pedestrian. What’s more, while most drivers consider bad driving the fault of others, alongside bad roads and weather conditions to be the problem, a recent report suggested otherwise. It attributed 25% of road collisions were caused by the truck driver, with other factors such as weather conditions (4.4%), infrastructure conditions (5.1%), or technical failures of the vehicle (5.3%), playing only a minor role. These statistics identify the common problems drivers of these vehicles have, and the ones we’ve aimed to resolve with our range of safety technology.

With statistics like these highlighting the huge responsibility on fleet and commercial drivers out on the road, it’s never been so important to ensure vehicle safety. Many of these accidents could have been avoided with better awareness – made possible by road safety technology.

Discover the right safety technology for you

At Vision Techniques we offer a huge range of products for all types of vehicle. The products help to not only keep your fleet, and other road users, safe, but also prevent false insurance claims, deter theft and vandalism, and ensure peace of mind. With reversing accidents, collisions, brake issues, and sheer tiredness all being far too common, it’s time for drivers to take responsibility and protect their fleet.

Some of our best-selling products include:

VT TurnSafe – A suite of products designed to ensure cyclist safety, including a camera, sensor and alarm.

VT Banksman – A reversing radar system reducing the risk of collisions with objects, vehicles and pedestrians.

VT Cameras – A range of camera systems offering live footage recording.

VT Ident – A system designed to control aspects of a vehicle’s operation and prevent unauthorised people from using potentially dangerous systems.

Our newest product, VT BrakeSafe, is also set to change things with its handbrake, failsafe system, helping drivers avoid braking incidents.

To find out more about any of the products mentioned today give us a call on 08455 911 434.

What safety technology do you use from the Vision Techniques range? We’d love to hear about your favourite products and how they’ve helped improve your road safety. Tell us in the comments below or tweet us @VisionTechnique