Questions you need to ask yourself about Telematics

Deciding whether to invest in telematics? It’s not something to be taken lightly and is not something to purchase rashly. You’ve heard about the compelling benefits of telematics, it all sounds great yeah? Then reality calls, is this really what your business needs? Will telematics deliver all the benefits it promises? Will it be too difficult to implement and use? Who is the best provider?

Committing to a new technology can be daunting, especially if there is an investment needed, research is the key and if your looking for the best telematics product for your business, here are five of the biggest questions and answers before committing.

Vt FMS Telematics

What type of contracting should I commit to?

A good way to know exactly what you’re paying for is to buy the vehicle tracking device and pay a monthly subscription fee. This option doesn’t require you to pay any fees upfront, there are no costs for hardware and no installation fee. All you have to pay for is the monthly subscription cost, it’s simple. VT FMS offers a number of packages to suit your needs, check them out!


Are there any hidden costs?

Hands up if you like hidden fees? Thought so. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some telematics providers to use sneaky extras which can inflate the amount you pay across the course of your contract. There is no small print with VT FMS, no hidden charges such as installation costs, training and system customisation. What you see is what you get.

telematic cost

Is full training provided?

Ensure there is training offered and ensure it is free. Finding your way with an unfamiliar software a little guidance and support goes a long way. Training is also a good way of getting your staff on-board with telematics – especially if there are several people in your fleet management team. Some providers charge for training. We provide a full support service from in-depth training to full technical support, so there is no need to worry we are here to help.

Does your provider issue product updates and are they free?

Like most software, telematics technology evolves fast. Getting the best from your product and pushing continued cost-savings for your business requires a provider that keeps their product up-to-date – especially if you want to stay ahead of your competitors. Ask your provider how frequently the product is updated and whether updates are free. We provide continually update our software packages to ensure you are ahead of the curve and what’s even better is they are free!

Does the system give you all the benefits you need?

This does seem an obvious question, but sometimes the obvious things are forgotten. Does your telematics package deliver the benefits your business needs, you will need to think about the features you need for your organisation. Can the system identify individual and fleet fuel consumption? Does it monitor and report on individual driver behaviour and driving styles? Can the system respond to live traffic alerts and notify you of the most efficient alternative routes? VT FMS answers yes to all these questions and more check out our brochure