Prevent Collisions with BANKSMAN

Prevent Collisions with BANKSMAN

Preventing collisions is a key aim for any fleet manager. Many municipal and commercial vehicles are now fitted with rear vision cameras, but accidents can still happen if a driver is distracted from the monitor.

We’re taking a closer look at the VT Banksman range of reversing radar systems, designed to provide a reliable alert system via audible and visual alarms.

The cutting edge of vehicle safety- VT Banksman Radar

The Banksman Radar is an intelligent, fully programmable system that can be fitted on a variety of vehicles including municipal, freight and agricultural. It has 100% accuracy in detecting a human being walking behind a reversing vehicle, making it an invaluable tool in collision prevention

As soon as the vehicle is put into reverse gear, the Banksman Radar starts to function, with staged visual and audible warnings to the driver of anything in their path.

The system is designed to detect which direction the vehicle is reversing in, which limits false alarms and ensures the driver only needs to respond to genuine hazards.

Taking safety to the next level with the VT Banksman Radar Plus

The Banksman Radar Plus combines all the state of the art features of the Banksman Radar with additional safety functions.

It includes warning light boards, making it suitable for vehicles where an additional level of safety is required when reversing, for example when a vehicle is parked on a road with operatives working around it, or other traffic passing by.

The light board displays messages suitable to the situation, alerting other road users and operatives to the vehicle. More noticeable than flashing amber lights, which are so common they are frequently overlooked, the Radar Plus tells other drivers to “Slow Down” with a worded warning message.

If the system detects a person or other vehicle, a programmable message such as “Caution: Workers at Rear” appears, getting attention from other drivers and reducing the risk to operatives. The system works in neutral and reverse gear, and can be programmed to accommodate almost any vehicle or operational requirement.

The ultimate in reversing safety- The VT Banksman Automatic Braking System

The Banksman Automatic Braking System has all the features you can find on the Banksman Radar, but has a key extra feature to stop collisions.

If the driver is distracted from the visual and audible warnings that something- the brakes are automatically applied when the obstruction enters the final working zone. The system can detect the speed of approach.

Providing peace of mind for both managers and workers, the Banksman’s Automatic Braking System will significantly reduce the risk of accidents where human error or distraction is a factor.

Vision Techniques – bringing you excellence in vehicle safety

All the VT Banksman products British designed and manufactured with software written in-house. To find out more about how VT Banksman can protect your vehicles and operatives, contact us today.