New vehicle cameras make night working safer

Our VT Night-Sight 24 Ultra high-performance camera is a brand new range of vehicle cameras designed to help mitigate the most common and dangerous hazards of night working.  Working in industries like construction, municipal and quarrying and mining can be hazardous even when conditions are perfect.  It is well documented that waste processing and construction industries remain some of the most hazardous workplaces in the UK.

The nature of many of these industries means that night working is often required, restricting visibility which can increase the risk of an incident.  Our engineers at Vision Techniques have been keenly focused on mitigating this risk, which is why we have developed VT Night-Sight 24 Ultra high-performance vehicle cameras. Below we discuss the key hazards and how our new innovation can increase visibility and awareness to decrease incidents.

Reduced visibility – one of the top dangers of night working

According to the latest HSE figures for 2020, being hit by a moving vehicle remains one of the top causes of fatal workplace injuries here in the UK. It’s a notable threat for workers in many of the key sectors we serve here at Vision Techniques, largely because the sheer size of the vehicles many of these industries require. And while these hazards are dangerous by day, they become even more dangerous by night.

 This mainly comes down to visibility, a key factor in many vehicle collision-related injuries every year here in the UK. The sheer size of industrial vehicles means there are many blind spots associated with them and can make it difficult for the driver to maintain a safe level of awareness without aids such as vehicle safety cameras.   As you might expect, the pitch blackness of night magnifies the visibility issue even further. Even if a pedestrian or another employee is technically within a driver’s field of vision, the lack of light may make it much more difficult to pick them out, further increasing the chances of a potential accident occurring.

 These risks are compounded by other, more general risks of night-working that can affect all employees. For example, employees can be more tired and less alert, and working through the early hours of the morning can also result in carelessness or a lack of focus.  While these sorts of psychological effects are best tackled with open culture, communication and training from employers, here at Vision Techniques we’re pleased to be able to provide a direct solution to the risks of reduced visibility, and that’s our VT Night Sight 24 Ultra high-performance camera.


A quick rundown of the VT Night Sight 24 Ultra high-performance camera

The VT Night Sight is based on starlight cameras for night working, and boasts unbeatable daytime HD clarity, and unprecedented night vision capabilities. Unlike infra-red cameras, which rely on IR light reflection to produce images, our new design instead relies on a number of natural light sources from other objects, successfully producing a clear colour image in extremely low light conditions, or even pitch-black environments.  This gives drivers and vehicle operators a clear colour view of their surroundings, helping to give them greater understanding and awareness and helping them in turn to reduce the potential for accidents.

This technology is available across a wide range of Vision Techniques vehicle cameras, and will be invaluable additions to help create clear visibility around the vehicles day and night. This is especially helpful if your vehicles work outside of normal working hours – waste management vehicles, typically operate in the early mornings when the sky is still dark, whereas construction projects on certain elements of infrastructure (such as railways or areas of public access) often require round-the-clock working.

The VT Night Sight 24 ultra high-performance camera is just one of a number of high-tech vehicle safety products we stock here at Vision Techniques – our range also includes recording devices, collision avoidance systems and emergency braking systems. If you’ve got any questions about them or you need some specialist advice, that’s where we can help! Feel free to give us a call on 01254 679 717 – we’re here to help!